Financial pressures are growing on local authority maintained schools and the need to reduce costs is becoming greater. At the same time, the capacity of local authorities to monitor and support financial management in schools is itself under pressure.

With the increasing pressure on schools to improve standards, what are the options for learning to continue when schools are shut? BESA director Ray Barker, who works closely between schools, the government and suppliers to support the achievement of excellence, provides his perspective on continuity solutions

Clio Turton, communications manager at The Soil Association, celebrates the award winning Food for Life Partnership and describes the Soil Association’s work toward improving food culture in educational settings

The UK’s Sustainable Development Strategy states that ‘by 2020, the government would like all schools to be models of energy efficiency [and] renewable energy use.’ They should, it says, also take the lead in their communities by showcasing wind, solar,bio-fuel energy [and] low-energy equipment

It’s imperative that all roofs on UK educational establishments are well designed and maintained, among other things to help reduce the financial burden, mainly on local authorities’ stretched budgets. Ian Henning, Technical Manager at the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, explains

A successful joint venture between a Gloucestershire school and its town council  has resulted in the construction of a new £1.2m sports hub and could prove to be a useful co-operative model for other small towns across the UK

Martin Littler, founding chairman of BATA, explains the issue of website accessibility and usability for young people with SEN

As the Olympic and Paralympic Games loom, will they inspire and excite young people to engage in sport and physical activity? Or will a preoccupation with the concept of sport hinder progress?

Dr Kate Saunders looks behind research suggesting that fewer than 14 per cent of teachers could confidently recognise a dyslexic child, while fewer still believe they could teach one

The financial saving of opting for the cheapest security solution should be weighed up against the cost and harm caused to the school and individuals should an incident occur

Insurance is often forgotten about until the loss occurs, catching many schools out. Instead the adequacy and appropriateness of the cover should be checked at least once per year, urges Jon Taylor

Ray Barker, director of BESA, summarises the wealth of interactive technologies that will be showcased at BETT 2012

Young people are increasingly savvy when it comes to technology and have an innate ability to be online for hours. But do we know what children are looking at or who they are talking to?

School business director Kerry Brimfield gives her views on the new School Financial Values Standard (SFVS) and why she thinks it will help school business managers and governors in the financial management of their schools


If play and education are to interact to ensure optimal outcomes for school children, it is vital that the growing diversity of new play equipment is fully accommodated in schools across the UK

A new framework in the West Midlands is helping to deliver high quality schools against a backdrop of severe public sector cuts. Andrew Peasgood, Worcestershire County Council’s framework manager for West Midlands Contractor Framework, explains how

With their knowledge and experience, modular suppliers are well positioned to provide modern, comfortable and functional facilities to an education sector that continues to feel the pinch.

The new playground of English Martyrs Primary has succeeded in providing the pupils of this inner city London school with an inspirational and engaging play area.