Diversity in the workplace is intrinsic to creating a more equal and happy environment. But what can be done by school leaders to make this the norm?

Lisa Fathers from the Bright Futures Educational Trust shares some of the methods, ways of working, and successful programmes that make a difference to boosting recruitment and retention in schools

Ramping up school hiring procedures

Within a context of budget squeezes, teacher shortages and an evolving employment landscape, how can schools best compete and attract the staff they need? REC’s Tom Hadley explores

Tackling school recruitment struggles

A series of measures have been announced by the education secretary, Justine Greening, which aims to get great teachers into schools. Education Business reports

The ongoing challenges in teacher recruitment and retention continue to provide difficulties for schools writes Richard Sagar from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT teachers’ union, analyses a number of factors that are contributing to the current recruitment and retention issues facing the teaching profession.

Hannah Feiner, of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, analyses some of the reasons behind the teacher shortage crisis and some of the solutions being put in place.

With teacher recruitment and retention currently posing difficult issues, the Education Support Partnership discusses why it remains important to look beyond the destressing headlines.

With further negative predictions being forecast for 2016 teaching applications, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Professor John Howson analyses the possible effect
that recruitment shortages could have on schools this year

Professor John Howson, chair of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Educational Steering Group, examines whether teaching is facing a skills shortage and what this means for schools

David Geary, of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, discusses one of the major concerns hanging over the education sector – the shortage of teaching professionals, and calls for better careers advice to be given at schools to reflects the realities of work

Retaining key teaching staff is a vital factor for many schools, and one way to show staff they are valued is by offering incentives. Andrew Johnson, director general of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA), makes the case for gift cards when incentivising and motivating employees

The growth of the Academies Programme and the emergence of Multi-Academy Trusts has changed the nature of recruitment and poses a new challenge for governors. The Independent Academies Association examines the current recruitment market and advises on how to secure the best talent for your academy

Tom Hadley outlines the benefits of using fully qualified supply teachers instead of stop-gap measures, and how the REC Audited Education quality mark can help schools recruit the best

Supply agencies have a major role to play in the development of a flexible workforce that can respond to the challenges that schools are facing, such as teacher shortages and increasing pupil numbers. But how can you ensure that the people they supply have undertaken all the relevant checks? The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Chris Wilford shares some thoughts



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