Despite creativity being sought after by employers, there is a risk that subjects such as drama and art may be side-lined in schools, write Paula Hamilton from the National Theatre

API Chair Mark Hardy explores the effect the decline in public playgrounds is having on children and the role schools can play in minimising the impact

The prospect of undertaking a modular building project can be daunting, therefore ESPO has created this guide and a time-saving procurement framework to help schools and academies navigate the modular building world

Access to nature provides both physical and mental health benefits, as well as allowing children to develop confidence, resilience and an increased focus for learning, writes Becky O'Melia

School trips give students unrivalled opportunities to learn in the real world, enable them to grow in confidence and enable them to better engage back in the classroom

Earlier this year, the government outlined a new plan for school sport and tackling inactivity. With a further update promised later this year, children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust gives guidance on what you need to know

Former-superintendent Nick Davies shares his experience of dealing with youth violence, gangs, county lines, anti-social behaviour and property crimes in schools

Academy trusts are at the centre of the government’s plans for a self-improving school system. But trust leaders often talk about the challenges associated with recruiting schools

Cherry Hinton school Cambridge - credit Daniel Shearing

Are you involved in a new school building project? Irena Barker investigates the best approach to create exceptional results

With many parents reporting a poor food culture in their children's schools, what can schools do to ensure their pupils are nurtured in a healthy food environment?

Crescent Purchasing Consortium explains the fixed price cost model of procurement consultancies, its advantages and disadvantages, and the questions to ask prospective consultants

Our education system needs to be the first port of call when assessing how to plug the digital skills gap, believes Sheila Flavell

The new Ofsted framework will have a separate judgement for behaviour and attitudes. To help schools with this, Imogen Rowley offers some high impact approaches to managing behaviour

Considering the demands associated with being a teacher, ensuring staff are properly rewarded for the work they do is crucial, writes Gail Cohen


Schools gather, store and analyse surprisingly large amounts of private data, which is a hot commodity for hackers. Dr. Kelly Calhoun Williams discusses how to strengthen cybersecurity in schools

Many schools have opened up about how they have to take on additional roles such as cleaning as the budgets to pay for such services has decreased. Education Business investigates the issue

The UK has passed into law a target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. So is it possible to have a net zero carbon school building?

An updated handbook to help improve the financial management and governance of academy schools has been issued by the EFSA, with guidance on compliance, risk, pay and whistleblowing