Baroness Bull to lead cultural education plan advisory panel

The plan aims to 'articulate and highlight' importance of high-quality cultural education in schools.

Johnson urged to put defibrillators in all schools

The father of a boy who died from an undiagnosed heart condition has called for defibrillators to be as common in public buildings as fire extinguishers.

‘Overwhelming’ guidance held schools back as Covid hit

School leaders have described how an ‘avalanche’ of shifting government guidance severely impeded schools during the start of the pandemic.

Government announces skills training boost

Further measures to boost the nation’s skills and get more people into better paid jobs have been announced.

Better mental health support for young people

A coalition of health and education experts have committed to making mental health and wellbeing a central part of education recovery plans.

Schools in Wales to determine exam grades

Pupils in Wales studying for GCSE, AS and A levels this year will receive grades determined by their school or college.

Catch-up tuition programme opens for students

Disadvantaged pupils in England could begin focused tuition as early as next week, under the new National Tutoring Programme.

College calls for non-attendance fines to be scrapped

More than 250 child and adolescent psychiatrists have called for the suspension of fines for children who don’t attend school.

Government reverses guidance on face masks in schools

Secondary school pupils in England will have to wear masks in school corridors in local lockdown areas of England.

Sally Collier resigns over exams fiasco

Sally Collier, the head of exam regulator Ofqual, has resigned over the issues caused by this year’s exams results.

Acland-Hood appointed to handle exams response

The government has appointed Susan Acland-Hood to lead on its response to exams amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Students to receive grades estimated by their teachers

The government has announced that A-level and GCSE students in England will be given grades estimated by their teachers.

Predicted results to be used for Welsh exam grades

The Welsh Government has announced that A-level and GCSE students will be awarded the grades predicted by teachers.

All exam result appeals to be free

All appeals of A and AS level and GCSE results will be free for schools and colleges this year.

Free childcare offers to continue during Covid-19 closures

Funding for the government’s early years entitlements will continue during any periods of nursery, preschool or childminder closures.



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