The desirability of engineering as a career among 7 to 11 year-olds has been boosted by 35% among those aware of the government’s Year of Engineering campaign.

Cold water shock, which can affect breathing and movement even among strong and confident swimmers, is one of the biggest causes of drowning.

By getting certified by Sugarwise, schools and caterers demonstrate their commitment to doing their part in reducing sugar intake in children.

The Good Food Futures programme, backed by £1 million of investment, aims to give children a greater understanding of where food comes from

Where flexible working requests had been declined, the most common reason given by senior leaders was not being able to organise work amongst existing staff or timetabling issues

Educators will be shown how to use free computer tools that improve reading and writing, including live captioning and Translate

The Scottish Government has published an action plan to make it easier for schools to cover global issues such as climate change and a sustainable economy.

Road closures will reduce traffic and engine idling to improve air quality during school-run hours

The Youth for Brake project helps 11-16 year olds run local road safety and sustainable transport campaigns in their community

The new measure will help the government to monitor the effectiveness of the traineeship programme and will also help young people make informed decisions.

The findings show that much still needs to be done to give teachers better opportunities to prepare for tomorrow’s world

Research into the 'Forest Schools' programme has found that youngsters that participate develop important traits, such as social and environmental responsibility