The London Schools Pollution Helpdesk is a free to use service for all London schools for advice, alongside a website which will be a source of information on air pollution.

According to an interim report from Renaissance, all year groups in England have experienced a learning loss in reading, ranging from 1.6 months to two months.

Eighty-nine per cent of 16-to-24-year-olds have revealed they’ve never received schooling around how to better control and manage their finances

Ofsted has updated its guidance to say it will pause its remote monitoring inspections for the week beginning March 8 when schools open for all pupils.

Wales’s Pupil Development Grant Access scheme will be doubled to cover additional year groups and will be extended to allow the purchasing of laptops and tablets.

Teachers will determine student grades this year based only on what they have been taught, with no algorithm used

Secondary schools could open after the Easter break on 12 April, the Welsh Government has said.

Twice weekly, Lateral Flow Tests will be offered to pupils in Wales of upper secondary age, starting with years 11 to 13 and all FE college learners

The government has announced further elements of the recovery support package so pupils can catch up on missed learning due to the pandemic.

The proportion of school leavers in higher or further education in Scotland is at a record high, with 72.2% continuing in education in 2019-20, up from 67.6% in 2018-19.

Updated DfE guidance now says it is recommending the use of face coverings in secondary schools be extended to all indoor environments, including classrooms.

Secondary pupils will be tested three times on site and then again once at home in the first two weeks after schools reopen on 8 March.