Board games can help improve maths skills

The EEF has claimed that teachers and early years staff can use storybooks and games to help young children develop their early maths skills.

Schools putting own interests ahead of pupils

Amanda Spielman has criticised schools for putting their own interests ahead of their pupils’, accusing them of continuing to ‘game’ the system.

Universal access to the full curriculum in Wales

Kirsty Williams has confirmed the government’s decision on the teaching of religion, relationships and sexuality education in Welsh schools.

New vision for education in Cardiff is launched

A new vision for education and learning in Cardiff has been launched.

Broad and balanced curriculum in Wales

The Welsh Government has launched a consultation seeking views on the role of RE and RSE within the current curriculum.

Heads critical of new reception tests for five-year-olds

A survey has revealed that 86 per cent of headteachers are negative about the new reception baseline assessment.

Handwritten exams go against how pupils learn

A teacher who helps others with technology has claimed that paper and pens should become things of the past in school exams.

Relentless focus on STEM should be altered

Ed Vaizey has used a debate on increasing music education to blast the current ‘relentless focus on STEM’ in schools across the country.

Scrap ‘worthless’ EBacc over decline in arts

The government should scrap the ‘worthless’ EBacc after further declinse in pupils taking GCSEs in arts subjects.

More time for PE on curriculum needed

The Youth Sport Trust is calling for more time on the curriculum for PE in every school.

Sir Michael Wilshaw calls for Birmingham LGBT rights lessons to be reinstated

The No Outsiders programme at five Birmingham schools stopped when parents said it was age-inappropriate and incompatible with Islam.

Survey reveals the pressure of Primary SATs

A new poll by YouGov has revealed that headteachers’ and primary school leaders’ are frustrated with the government’s assessment regime.

ASCL report warns about of the negative aspects of GCSE system

Geoff Barton “Why do we insist in rubbing their noses in disappointment?”

Maths Anxiety a real concern, suggests Cambridge University study

Students in the UK highlighted a general feeling that maths was more difficult than other subjects and that often contributed to their worries, leading to a lack of confidence.

21 per cent decrease in state school music provision over the last five years, says BPI survey

Results of a new survey reveal a growing disparity between the provision of music in state and independent schools, according to the group.



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