Bodet UK

Bodet offers dedicated solutions for schools and colleges through class change systems, lockdown alerts, and synchronised clock systems.

For the safety of the children, it is essential to have a lockdown system in place. With Bodet’s Harmonys range, an alert can be sent across the school, informing of the lockdown, or other emergency, protecting all pupils and staff.

Bodet’s microphones can broadcast customisable messages to individual classes, rather than communicating to zones within the school. Whether a child is needed for a medical appointment, or a staff member is wanted, there is no need to spend time walking around the, often, large premises when the message can be sent directly, without disturbing others that it does not relate to. A great benefit for the busy working day. Messages can be scheduled and pre-recorded ensuring the right message, particularly in an emergency situation, and saving even more time.

Synchronising clocks across the school provides accuracy and reliability with the important benefit of maximising learning time. This is particularly useful at events such as parents evening and ensuring the lunch period runs smoothly.

With over 40 years of experiencing working with time-based solutions, Bodet offers expertise and support to the education sector