How to sort the locker key crisis

It is a sad, but inescapable fact of school life, that students lose the key to their locker. Or “forget” to hand their key back at the end of the year.

Which means you will need replacement keys for some of the lockers in your school.
The solution is quick and easy: you simply call or email Keysplease and tell us the reference number for the lock in question, (normally stamped on the front) and we will supply you with keys for that locker. It’s as simple as that. You will usually have your keys as soon as the next day.
For large orders, just send a spreadsheet with all the lock numbers and we will take it from there.
Maybe they have broken a key in the lock or stuck chewing gum in it. Fortunately there is a simple solution here too. Send us a picture of the offending lock and we can supply replacements. Alternatively, many locker locks can convert to digital combination locks or even to hasp and staple locks, which take padlocks instead. We also supply a range of padlocks. 
Replacing keys and locks need not be expensive, you can use the promotional code BFK23 to get great discounts.

If you’re not sure what keys or locks you need, we’re always happy to help. Call us or email, and we’ll make sure the process is as hassle-free as possible.

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