Sports and Leisure

To help improve the physical and mental health of public sector employees and to encourage more active lifestyles, CSSC Sports & Leisure and CS Employee Policy (CSEP) are launching our 2nd annual Active Wellbeing Week.

Sports and Leisure

Axo Leisure provide Sports courts (MUGAs), play areas and fitness equipment throughout the UK.

Health and Safety

City of Bristol College has completely overhauled its fire and health & safety systems after reviewing evacuation procedures with Evac+Chair International.

Fire Safety

Keeping fire doors open is often necessary; but using wedges to prop open doors will stop a fire door doing its job.


Schools, colleges and universities recognise that every aspect of classroom furniture, from seat location to aesthetic design will have a significant impact on learning – and budget.

Design and Build

From primary schools through to universities; we all learn better in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Air Conditioning

Ensuring acceptable indoor air quality in classrooms whilst maintaining comfort levels requires ventilation systems that can control several parameters independently of each other.

Health and Safety

Do your premises measure up against compliance imposed by statute?


Reach more relevant candidates than ever before by advertising your vacancies on eTeach, the UK’s leading education recruitment specialist and the global number 1 education-only job site.


Energy Saving Lighting, high quality LED lights reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint with no upfront costs.

CREATE Education

The Create Education Project brings together game-changing technology with inspirational content and creative minds.


Schools can free up cash to spend on essential learning tools by cutting energy usage, but funding such initiatives remains a mystery to many educators… until now.


Fairtrade Vending have been pioneering Healthy Vending solutions for the education and Health sector across the UK for many years.

Health and Safety

Urban fox activity in London schools is on the increase.

Sports and Leisure

Sport is key to life at Bryanston. It was therefore no surprise to hear that plans were afoot to expand their existing sports facilities.

Health and Safety

Educational premises – such as schools, colleges, universities or academies – often have hundreds, or even thousands, of individuals within them at any one time.  

Health and Safety

Teaching lifesaving skills in all schools in England will become a requirement from 2020 under new government health education plans.

Outdoor Learning

Fun & Active Playgrounds Ltd is a UK wide company with over ten years industry experience in the design and installation of thermoplastic outdoor markings.