Educational Trips

Our Residential Activity Centre is the perfect environment for providing children with valuable new skills and learning experiences.

Located on the coast of North Cornwall in Tintagel, Menadue is a Residential School Trip Activity Centre where educational groups can take part in a number of adventurous outdoor pursuits in a fantastic coastal countryside setting.

Cyber Security

Founded in 2008, Seven Stones has a track record of success in two macro areas; Bridging what is in most organisations, a light years wide gap between IT and Security, and; Cost savings in information risk management by the application of “old school” principles.

Facilities Management

Whether you’re already running a school lettings programme and could do with a helping hand to streamline your administration or if you’re yet to discover an efficient way to manage your lettings, Kajima Community can help.

Air Conditioning

Increasing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations are having a major impact on our indoor and outdoor environments.


Blackhawk Network are here to help with the disbursement of free school meals.

Facilities Management

While traditionally the measure of success for a business has been centred around profitability, recently a more sustainable approach has gained ground.

Sports and Leisure

Transformational innovation (TI) is not something we would ordinarily associate with gyms in the education sector, in fact the innovation is coming from disruptors to the market in the form of on-demand training brought into your homes by companies such as Peloton.

Novus Property Solutions
Fire Safety

Complete solutions for Fire Prevention Works and the government’s Design Guidance for Fire Safety.

Outdoor Learning

PLAYFIX Ltd is private family run company that specialises in the maintenance, repair, refurbishment, maintenance and inspections of outdoor play equipment.

Design and Build

They are amongst the most in demand, high-traffic areas of a school. School washrooms require enhanced hygiene schedules, robust cubicles and ergonomic design.

Fire Safety

Fireco has been making compliance easy for 25 years. We manufacture wireless fire door closers and retainers, notification systems, disability aids and hygiene equipment, all designed to provide simple solutions to a range of needs: fire safety, compliance, access, ventilation and hygiene.

Fire Safety

At Fire Doors Complete Ltd, we specialise in helping our clients meet the requirements of the applicable legal requirements, regulations and standards.


Fidelity Energy is one of the UK’s leading utilities and energy consultants, championing a more sustainable future through renewable energy tariffs and carbon management solutions, whilst still offering a cost-effective service.

Air Conditioning

Heating, Fresh air and Heat recovery for schools from Dunham-Bush

Fire Safety

If a fire breaks out in a school, college or university, the damage can be profound, not least to the learning of students.


The Safer Food Group was established in 2005 by health and safety trainers from the food industry.


The easing of restrictions that saw the mass return to the classroom for primary and secondary pupils across the UK should serve as a reminder of the importance of regularly reviewing entrance control processes and perimeter systems for schools.

Information Technology

The new National Education Framework for the provision of Multi-Functional Devices and Digital Transformation Solutions launched on 26th April.