Information Technology

There are many myths surrounding what IT leasing really is, but very few people believe it to be cost-effective, adaptable, and transparent. But our groundbreaking IT solution, Devices for Education, embodies precisely these qualities.

Established in 2008, Hospitality Store Limited (HOST) are a leading provider of catering solutions to the Hospitality Sector. We have further developed existing solutions to meet the meal and snack service needs of the education sector.

Information Technology

Situated in a stunning 100-acre campus, close to the heart of Edinburgh, Fettes College is a leading co-educational boarding school (7-18yrs).

Information Technology

The idea of AI in education has sparked both excitement and trepidation since students started using Chat-GPT to write their homework. Educators often feel under threat of being replaced by large-language models trained on the curriculum, even though experts say teaching is one of the least likely professions to be replaced by AI.

Information Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technology plays an increasingly vital role in empowering educators and enhancing student learning.

Information Technology

Compass Education, headquartered in the UK, is a pioneering force in the realm of educational technology, offering an all-encompassing platform designed to revolutionise the way educational institutions operate and interact with students, parents, and staff.

Design and Build

The Energy Efficient Solution Group (EES Group) procurement team have been honoured with the prestigious award for consistent quality and compliance by the Lighting Industry Association, the largest trade association in Europe dedicated to serving the UK Lighting Industry and its supply chain, held their annual general meeting at Drapers Hall, London on Thursday 16th May. The award recognised the team for demonstrating compliance and continually improving year on year.

Health and Safety

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive at Swiftclean is – “how do I know if my system needs a clean?” And this is one we can clear up pretty quickly!

Information Technology

An award-winning accounting solution for MATs of all sizes, iplicit for Education has a modern, user-friendly interface that will resonate with busy finance teams and senior leaders. As you grow, iplicit empowers you to add schools quickly and efficiently. 

Information Technology

Welcome to PsycApps Ltd, a pioneering leader in digital mental health solutions. Founded with the mission to harness the power of technology to improve mental wellbeing, PsycApps combines cutting-edge research, clinical expertise, and innovative technology to offer accessible, effective, and engaging solutions.


Sustainability credentials are no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’. But are essential in protecting our planet, supporting proactive school leaders who want to do the right things for the right reasons, and in ensuring that educational establishments are prepared ahead of the 2030 Sustainability Agenda. 

Information Technology

SolarNet was formed in 2006 and we focus on automation engineering, network architecture, design, security controls, incident response as well as providing IT consultancy and a breadth of cyber security services.

Special Education

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) is a one-stop procurement shop, with a mission of being the procurement partner of choice for the education sector. 

Fire Safety

“How much will you charge to inspect our fire doors?"


Education is our heritage, for five decades we’ve been providing better value to 30,000 schools. By working with a variety of leading UK suppliers to provide you with a large range of good quality products and services, from art supplies, curriculum products, furniture and EdTech products, to supporting you in setting up compliant contracts for things like electricity, utilities, and cleaning. We can provide you with everything you could possibly need, making it easier for you.



Information Technology

Does your organisation deal with safeguarding issues?
Does your organisation have to care for those with special educational needs?
Does your team worry about keeping sensitive documents safe & secure?
Have you been the victim of a data breach or cyber attack?

Information Technology

Cambridge Nationals are practical, accessible, fun to teach and exciting to learn. Designed for students aged 14-16 years, our Level 1 / Level 2 Cambridge Nationals complement GCSE choices, inspiring students to develop real-world skills.