Action Mats

Action Mats create resources for primary and early years children focussing on movement skills and active learning. Our Action Packed set is for KS1 & KS2 and our Mini Mats are for EYFS. Our most recent addition is Mindful Mats and is fast becoming a ‘must have’ in the tools that schools use for helping children focus and be ready to learn.
The unique feature of all Action Mats resources is the simple way the actions and activities are conveyed. We use simple, pictorial graphics in bright colours and designs that are universally recognised, including a stick man character on every mat, performing an activity. 

Action Mats produce inherently international resources thanks to the graphics and the avoidance of words. Action Mats resources are now in schools in 24 countries, proving the concept beyond doubt.

Action Mats resources are supplied in sets, within their own storage bags, and are intended to be used as sets in a school hall or gym setting. A lesson involves deploying the mats in various configurations that create different types of challenge. A library of lesson plans is supplied with every set via an app, to provide simple and creative ways to use the mats, thus ensuring enduring appeal and longevity for the schools. 
Each mat features different graphics to convey the exercise or challenge to be performed. This feature is incredibly empowering for children as they are able to take control and determine their own actions without the need for explanation or intervention. Such accessibility promotes peer support and encouragement which again does not rely on teacher guidance. Having simple graphics on each mat also means that lessons are so much quicker to activate, as children can be moving in a meaningful and positive way, even before instructions are issued. 

Our Action Packed set features 32 mats of different sizes and two storage bags. Our Mini Mats set features 24 mats of different sizes and one storage bag and our Mindful Mats set features 16 mats and two storage bags. Lesson plans and guides all feature on an app with the licence and login available for all staff to use without a recurring renewal fee. The lessons are downloadable for areas with poor connectivity.

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