T150 Energy

In November 2020 I was told I had 6 months left to live and was at risk of sudden death, due to a colloid cyst in my brain. Thanks to the amazing work of the NHS this was not to be the case. 

As strange as it sounds this is possibly one of the best things that has happened to me, as it has led me to where I am now and T150 Energy’s ‘Million Pound Mission’ and ‘Payback Scheme’ to give back a million pounds to the care, education and charity sectors.

In October of last year I was inspired to do more than just secure the best rates for gas and electricity. I realised T150 Energy could also be a force for good, so our ‘Payback Scheme’ was launched in January 2024. 

Designed to not only secure the best energy contracts for our clients, but to pay them back anything up to 3.5% of their total annual spend on utilities. Giving back £100’s to £10,000’ back into Care, Education and Charity organisations to use as they wish.
Having worked with many of these sectors over the last 15 years, particularly Independent schools and academy trusts. We have a good understanding of the pressures that are faced by these vital institutions that educate and inspire our children and the wider population and without these, I wouldn’t be here today writing this.

Timing is crucial when it comes to energy procurement. The difference between 0.5 and a penny on rates can have a dramatic effect on yearly costs, especially for schools often using over 100,000 kwh per year. 

Schools and Trusts don’t have the time to study the market, or even go out to market in any meaningful way, they may approach a couple of providers directly and if they do, they will be missing out on potentially lower rates from other suppliers. We go out to over 15 different suppliers to ensure the best rates. 

Even owners and managers using multiple brokers, will not necessarily get the best deals. Unless you have taken the time to build a strong relationship with your consultant, you really don’t know who you are working with. We view ourselves as part of your business, employed (without the cost) by you to solely ensure you always have the best rates for gas and electricity.

Matthew Small