School trips give students unrivalled opportunities to learn in the real world, enable them to grow in confidence and enable them to better engage back in the classroom

Credit: Surrey Outdoor Learning

Five things you need to know about the Department for Education’s new guidance on health and safety for educational visits, to unlock these transformative experiences for your pupils

Adventure learning aids academic learning

Outdoor education isn’t just something schools should do, it’s something they should prioritise, believes Phil Avery, director of education at the Bohunt Education Trust

The risk of declining trips

A recent poll has suggested that the majority of adults believe children today go on fewer school expeditions and trips than when they were at school – with the cost highlighted as the main reason

Megan Deakin discusses how school trip safety fears should not stand in the way of student learning potential

Throughout history, the south coast has often been the last line of defence against would-be invaders, writes Nigel Smith, chief executive of Tourism South East

School visits abroad call for even greater care, organisation and planning than visits and adventures at home. RoSPA shares some advice

Members of the School Travel Forum (STF) share some ideas of what to do in the colder months, and what to bear in mind while planning.

The School Travel Forum's online ‘Teacher Toolkit’ is designed to address teachers' concerns regarding school trips and highlight the benefits they bring.

Stepping inside the home of a significant person from history can immerse pupils in the past and bring to life many cross-curricular topics, writes the English Heritage’s London Education Team.

With a local offering of culture, sport, history and art, there is plenty of opportunity to expand education beyond the classroom in Birmingham.

Significant investment in Flanders in the run-up to the 2014-2018 Centenary Commemorations means that the area has more to offer pupils than ever before in their experience of WW1 cultural heritage.

The story of Bletchley Park’s Codebreakers will fascinate schoolchildren of all ages

The story of Bletchley Park’s Codebreakers will fascinate schoolchildren of all ages and there is no better way to learn about their work than in the capable and inspiring hands of the heritage attraction’s learning department.

School Trips

As the country’s leading not-for-profit school trips organisation, The School Travel Forum is well placed to discuss the importance of assured quality scheme membership when booking school trips,  the rewards of risk management, and how school trips can benefit more than just the pupils.

Understanding why theatre matters

The National Theatre’s Alice King-Farlow discusses how the theatre can enhance educational learning, open up opportunities, build upon classroom learning and improve a pupils involvement in creative subjects.