Review recommends clearer pay guidelines for supply teachers

A report commissioned by the Welsh government has laid out eleven recommendations regarding the treatment of supply teachers.

The Welsh government commissioned the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) to undertake a strategic review of the current structure of teachers’ pay, terms and conditions.

The NEU (National Education Union) said IWPRB's recommendations were a "positive step forward."

It strongly suggested that supply teachers are explicitly referenced in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document, as well as saying they should define the roles of short-term and long-term supply teachers to clarify hours and pay. 

It also recommends that supply teacher should be entitled to incremental salary progression due to experience.

Emma Forrest, NEU’s assistant general secretary with responsibility for Wales, said: “NEU Cymru’s supply teacher members will be pleased with most of the IWPRB’s recommendations [...] and we will take time to consider it with them.

"Our members are clear, supply teachers should have equal access to pay and pensions, alongside their peers. 

“They will be especially pleased to note the recommendations include that supply teachers employed through local authorities or directly by schools should be entitled to the benefits of the pay and conditions requirements, such as incremental salary progression due to experience, and that clarifications need to be made to the School Teachers Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document (STPC(W)D) to ensure these benefits are awarded.

“However, whilst this report appears to be a positive step forward, NEU Cymru still has concerns around the treatment of teachers undertaking work through supply agencies, where the pay and conditions are unsatisfactory and are not aligned to the STPC(W)D.

“We must do more to try and protect those teachers having to work through supply agencies as this will be of the most benefit for supply teachers, local authorities, schools and, ultimately, children and their learning."


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