nasen – The National Association for Special Educational Needs

nasen is the National Association for Special Educational Needs – a charitable organisation that exists to support and champion those working with, and for, children and young people with SEND and learning differences.
The charity seeks to ensure that all education practitioners across early years, schools, post-16, and wider settings are equipped to understand, identify, and support those with SEND and learning differences.
Reaching over 77% of schools in England, with over 100,000 members from SENCOs, senior leaders and teachers to TAs, local authorities, Trustees, Governors and beyond, their work spans the delivery of international programmes of support through to direct, ‘on the ground’ engagement with schools and settings through the DfE-funded, Universal Services programme, led by Whole School SEND.
FREE membership
We have an ongoing commitment to ensure expertise in SEND is available to every school and setting across the UK.

It is critical that we break down the barriers that impact children and young people’s participation in education – particularly for those with SEND and learning differences.

Our membership is free to all UK individuals, so that we can work across early years, schools, further education, and wider settings to help ensure that all education practitioners are given the information and support required so that all children and young people can thrive. Find out more.

Our team of education specialists have put together a bank of information, support, and resources. This provides you easy access to the most up to date knowledge and support which is rooted in research and evidence informed best practice.
Get the highest quality CPD from experts at your convenience, with nasen's SEND CPD on Demand - The ultimate flexible training resource. With individual and school subscriptions starting at just £199, boost your learning with convenient access to over 70 pre-recorded SEND CPD sessions tailored to meet the needs of the entire education workforce. Find out more.
Universal SEND Services
Universal SEND Services is a programme, funded until 2025 by the Department for Education. It brings together support for SEND in schools with support for SEND across further education, with the ambition of improving preparation for adulthood from the earliest years in a seamless, joined up way.

The programme is delivered by nasen through Whole School SEND with the Education and Training Foundation, who support teachers and leaders across the Further Education and Training sector, and the Autism Education Trust, who have a successful history of supporting and informing education professionals about autism.

Most of the offer is free to access, and because we understand how busy school life is, we keep things as flexible as possible, with the support available ranging from 20-minute e-learning units to year-long research projects, depending on how much (or little) time you have.

Why not set aside 20 minutes to sign in and get started today?

nasen Live Conference 2024
Unlock a world of innovation, inclusion, and inspiration at nasen LIVE 2024! Join leading specialists, educators, and advocates as we explore the future of SEND. Be part of an unmissable experience, gain invaluable insights, and help make a meaningful impact to the sector at this in-person CPD conference.

Guests will enjoy exclusive access to a diverse range of seminars presented by sector-leading speakers, a comprehensive SEND exhibition showcasing award-winning exhibitors, and exceptional networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. nasen LIVE 2024 is committed to serving the diverse interests and needs of all attendees. Find out more.

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