Exa - Connecting and Protecting Schools for Two Decades

In October 2023, Exa proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary, two decades of dedicated service in providing internet solutions tailored for education. As a company that genuinely cares about the well-being and success of schools, Exa has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality internet connectivity and essential security services.

Company Background
Exa was founded in 2003 with a simple mission: to connect and protect schools through reliable internet services. Over the years, they have not only fulfilled this mission but have also expanded their offerings to meet the evolving needs of educational institutions.

Exa has been the recipient of 11 Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) awards, reflecting their industry leadership. The most recent accolade, ‘Best Cyber Security’ in 2022, underlines their commitment to providing top-notch security solutions.

Products and Services
Exa excels in providing a range of products and services that empower schools to harness the internet's potential while ensuring a safe and secure digital environment. Here are some of their key offerings:
Internet Connectivity: Exa's core offering is internet connectivity. They provide a robust and uninterrupted internet connection for schools to facilitate learning and administrative tasks effectively.
Content Filtering Services: SurfProtect, one of Exa's flagship products, is a powerful in-house filtering service. It ensures that students can explore the internet safely, with content filtering designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions.
Monitoring Services: Exa provides monitoring services through partnerships with industry leaders. These services help schools maintain a watchful eye over online activities, ensuring safety and compliance with government guidelines.
Cyber Security: The company offers firewall solutions to protect school networks from external threats and unauthorised access. These measures are critical in safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining network integrity.

Dedication to Schools
What truly sets Exa apart is their genuine investment in their customers – schools. Their commitment to education goes beyond business. Exa genuinely wants the best for the schools they serve, and this is evident in their products and exceptional customer service. They are dedicated to promptly addressing any issues or concerns their clients might have.

Their team of experts is always ready to assist, ensuring that schools can focus on their core mission of educating students. Moreover, Exa operates with unwavering integrity. Their commitment to ethical business practices and transparent dealings has earned them a sterling reputation in the industry. Schools can trust that Exa has their best interests at heart.

Valuing Customer Insight
Exa places a high value on customer insight. They believe that collaboration and feedback from their clients are essential for developing products and services that truly meet the unique needs of educational institutions. Exa's products are designed with the customer's requirements in mind, ensuring that schools can operate in an efficient and trustworthy online environment.

Protecting and Connecting Schools and MATs
Exa's overarching goal is to "Protect and Connect Schools." This mission encapsulates their dedication to safeguarding educational institutions from online threats while providing reliable connectivity. They understand that an integrated and reliable environment is vital for the success and well-being of both students and educators.

With years of experience in providing services fit for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), their expertise extends to designing bespoke network solutions, implementing point-to-point connectivity, and establishing private WANs (Wide Area Networks). They understand the unique challenges faced by MATs and offer tailored solutions to ensure seamless communication and data security across multiple institutions.

Compliance with Regulations
Exa ensures that their products align with key regulations and guidelines affecting schools, including the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) requirements, the Prevent Duty, and the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines. Their services are designed to help schools maintain compliance while allowing for flexibility and easy access to useful resources.

Exa Foundation: Inspiring Futures through Technology
Additionally Exa is also deeply committed to social responsibility through its Exa Foundation. This philanthropic arm of the company focuses on engaging and inspiring students, to explore the vast world of technology-based careers. The Exa Foundation recognises the transformative potential of technology in shaping the future and is dedicated to bridging the tech skills gap and helping children realise their dreams by providing pathways to a promising future.

In conclusion, Exa is a company that has, for the past two decades, consistently delivered on its mission of Connecting and Protecting Schools. With a strong portfolio of products and a commitment to the well-being of educational institutions, Exa has earned its place as a trusted partner in the education sector.

If you're seeking reliable internet connectivity and robust security solutions for your school or Multi-Academy Trust, Exa is the go-to provider.

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