Wales proposes 3.1 per cent overall pay award for teachers

Education Minister for Wales Kirsty Williams has accepted in principle all the main recommendations of the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body (IWPRB) report.

The proposals would see starting salaries for new teachers increased by 8.48%; a 3.1% overall increase for the teachers’ pay bill in Wales; a 3.75% pay rise for teachers on the Main Pay Scale; an end to performance-related pay progression; and the reintroduction of national pay scales.

This is the second year the Education Minister has received advice on teacher pay from the IWPRB.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams said: "These proposed changes will help enable the development of a distinct national system that is fairer and more transparent for all teachers in Wales.

"This is only the second year since these powers were devolved and it is already clear that the approach here in Wales is developing very differently to that adopted previously.

"A number of important issues have also been addressed, including the introduction of experience based pay progression and national statutory pay scales; both improvements that the workforce have been calling for."

The Minister has also proposed a 2.75% pay raise for head teachers, deputy and assistant heads, unqualified teachers and leading practitioners, as well as teacher allowances - all greater than the 2.5% recommended by IWPRB.

Building upon the steps taken last year to encourage recruitment of new teachers, the proposed starting salary for new teachers increases to over £27,000 pa, teachers on the Main Pay Range receive at least a 3.75% rise and teachers on the Upper Pay Scale receive at least a 2.75% rise.

A new statutory five point pay scale would also be introduced, so new teachers would advance to the maximum of the Main Pay Range in four years – a year quicker than has previously been the case.

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