DfE offers up to £6,000 extra to teach vital subjects

The Department for Education (DfE) said that teachers could get up to £6,000 extra to teach "vital" subjects from September.

The money will be available for teachers working in key STEM and technical subjects such as maths, construction and engineering, as well as early years education, as part of the government’s drive to recruit and retain the best staff.

It is part of the expansion of the levelling up premium payment scheme for those working in further education, and will also double the existing Levelling Up premium payments to school teachers of maths, physics, chemistry and computing.

The incentive is part of the government’s drive to support schools and colleges to recruit and retain the teachers they need in the future, and ahead of the introduction of the advanced British standard - a new baccalaureate style post-16 qualification which the DfE said will bring together the best of technical and academic education.

Backed by an investment of around £200 million over the next two years, it will make sure more young people - particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds - continue to have access to the world-class education and training they need in the subjects to fulfil their potential.

Education secretary Gillian Keegan said: "Teachers are the heart of our education system, inspiring young people and shaping future generations.

"By offering incentives of up to £6,000, we’re ensuring schools and colleges can support the recruitment and retention of dedicated teachers in high priority subjects and in the areas that need them most."

She said this will allow schools and colleges to provide "world class education for all ahead of the Advanced British Standard", while also giving businesses the skilled workers they need to drive economic growth.

Keegan added the move is part of the plan to deliver a world-class education system for all, where primary children are the ‘best in the west’ at reading and 90 per cent of schools are now rated good or outstanding - up from just 68 per cent in 2010.

The advanced British standard will mean most students choose a minimum of five subjects from a menu of options to give more breadth and flexibility. 

By increasing teaching time and the breadth of what students can study, including maths and English, the Advanced British Standard will widen students’ career options and bring England in line with major economies such as France, Germany, Japan and the USA.

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