Toolkit launched to help leaders with mental health

Head teachers union NAHT and Education Support have launched a new toolkit to help school leaders with their mental health during periods of challenge, such as inspections.

It offers practical exercises, tools and tips to leaders implement healthy habits to support their own well-being, and maintain a mentally healthy working environment during times of challenge.

This toolkit has three sections. The first is to building a healthy mind and culture to deal with challenges and stress, which offers tips for before a challenge arises. If you are in a strong position when entering a challenging time, you will be much better prepared to deal with it.

The second is the challenge itself – which gives tips during the acute period of challenge. For example, when you’ve received the call to notify you of an inspection.

The final section is managing the after-effects of a challenging scenario. Taking time to replenish your reserves and reflect before the next challenge arises is an important part of the process.

Download the toolkit here.

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