New report shows huge majority support Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

New report shows huge majority support Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

Over 30 organisations are calling on Department for Education (DfE) to to deliver on its proposal of a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme, a new report from School Food Matters has highlighted.

Two years after the scheme was recommended in 2016’s Childhood Obesity Plan, there has been little progress from the DfE.

As part of its campaign, School Food Matters surveyed 1000 parents, governors and teachers to find out what they thought of the proposed Healthy Schools Rating Scheme (HSRS) and how it should be implemented. 97% of people surveyed were in favour of it and when asked if the scheme should be mandatory, 85% of respondents agreed and 93% were in favour of it HSRS being applied to all state funded schools.

When asked if Ofsted should monitor the scheme, 72% of all people surveyed, and 76% of parents, agreed.

The Lead Association of Catering in Education (LACA) said:

“LACA support the introduction of the Healthy Rating Scheme and urge the Department for Education to introduce it as soon as possible. Educating children about nutrition supports a fit and healthy childhood and is a key part of tackling childhood obesity."

Stephanie Wood, founder and chief executive of School Food Matters, added:

“With children spending 190 days at school we have a unique opportunity to model good eating habits and teach them how to keep themselves healthy. Department for Education must act now and use the Healthy Schools Rating Scheme, together with the new Ofsted framework, to make sure we’re making the most of this opportunity.”

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