New Welsh curriculum to create "ethical and informed citizens"

Wales’ new curriculum will be published in Easter 2019 and will focus on ensuring young people become ethical, informed and valued members of society, the Welsh Education Secretary Kirsty Williams has said.

The curriculum is being co-constructed with teachers, universities, international experts and civic society. It will first be made available for testing and feedback, with all schools having access to the final curriculum from 2020.

Speaking at the Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture in Cardiff, Kirsty Williams said: “I believe that the Welsh education system must be a ‘citizens first’ system. That’s why, on taking office, I re-affirmed the government’s commitment to a new curriculum that as well as raising standards of literacy and numeracy will also develop ethical and informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.

“The curriculum will represent what we want - what we expect - the citizens of the future to become, to know, and to have gained from their teachers.

“But the process of working together to shape that curriculum also represents what we want from our education system.

“A profession that collaborates; that is open to new ideas; that is always learning and that seeks to raise standards for all pupils.

“We are setting an international example on how progressive education reforms can be undertaken through collaboration, creativity and confidence.

“A curriculum and education system that, as Raymond Williams wanted, provides everyone with the opportunity to “grasp the real nature of our society.”

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