TouchWood Play

At TouchWood Play, we are passionate about play. We design, build and install unique, natural playgrounds that inspire, challenge and connect children with nature. Since 2002, we’ve created hundreds of engaging play experiences for schools to enable the curriculum and inspire learning outside the classroom.
Imagine a playground that helps you create those memorable learning experiences you want for your students. That will become a classroom without walls with the sky as its ceiling. That will work for you whatever the weather. That will constantly inspire, challenge and nurture your students. That will be open to new developments as your priorities change. That you can afford.
At TouchWood, we are passionate about building environments that provide maximum opportunities for play and learning and understand that these go hand in hand. We’re experts in all things play and will support you with everything from inspiring ideas to installation and long-term care and maintenance.
Complimentary consultation service to meet your needs
Our approach is unique. We design each project from scratch in close collaboration with each client, and often with the active input of children and your community members. With our complimentary consultation service, we want to understand exactly what you want to achieve, what kind of play you want to encourage, what your commercial objectives are, and the personality and subtleties of your project environment.
What we achieve is a special combination of ground-breaking design and creativity, pioneering technology and traditional craftsman skills, ensuring your play features facilitate outstanding natural play and offer exceptional structural beauty and integrity.
Our playground features encourage children to use their imaginations to have their own adventures in a safe, stimulating, and natural setting. Using the act of play to stimulate learning is something that we’re all passionate about. From climbing frames and themed structures to mud kitchens and multi-use activity areas, we’ll have a natural play solution to meet your needs.
We design, build, install and maintain playgrounds
TouchWood is one of the very few companies that source and process the raw materials; then design, manufacture, install and maintain our play equipment. Everything we create is unique, and wherever possible it is crafted from locally sourced durable woods like larch, chestnut and oak, so they look beautiful and blend seamlessly with their natural landscape or provide a hint of woodland magic to more urban locations.
Our difference is the care and value we give to each piece of timber that goes into your play feature, from selecting a specific branch that will create an archway over a slide to choosing a particular trunk that will be crafted into the perfect hollow log for your site.
We help you tailor the level of community engagement you want in creating your playground – so whether it’s a simple telephone conversation or a five-day design and build workshop with your students, we’re there every step of the way. We’re experts in all things play and will support you with everything from inspiring ideas to installation, long-term care, and maintenance.
Our dedicated team are committed to looking after our play areas and ensuring that they last as long as possible and continue to be enjoyed for years to come.
Playgrounds for every budget
Bespoke doesn’t always mean expensive – we work with school budgets of all sizes. Whether you need to secure your funding and want an idea of cost, or you already have funding and need to get as much play value into a space as possible for that budget, we know how to help you.
From early years to secondary schools, we understand your school’s play needs will vary widely. Our main focus is to provide playscapes that encourage outdoor learning alongside play and exercise.
Talk to our dedicated education design team
Our expert team helps our educational clients by guiding them through the playground design and build process. They help you understand what is achievable within your budget. They also help you visualise your project with 3D renders of your playground.
Whether you have a live project or the seed of an idea, we’d love to talk to you.