Harlequin Floors

Established over four decades ago in the United Kingdom, Harlequin is the unrivalled choice for performance flooring, gaining recognition from the world's most prestigious dance and performing arts companies, schools, theatres, venues, production companies, and global events. With a reputation rooted in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality portable and permanent sprung and vinyl performance floors, Harlequin has become the go to performance floor provider for renowned venues worldwide, from the Royal Academy of Dance to the New York City Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet to the Royal New Zealand Ballet.
Harlequin's global leading position in the market is not only marked by its history but also by its global reach, with offices located in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific region. As the market leader, Harlequin has consistently set the standard, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence in performance flooring.
At the heart of Harlequin's success lies a dedicated focus on meeting the unique needs of dancers and students, a commitment evident in the meticulous design of their floors. With a primary objective to minimise the risk of injury while optimising performance, Harlequin employs cutting-edge technology to craft advanced surfaces that are not only shock absorbent but also enhance the fluidity of movement.
The Harlequin range of sprung floors stands as a testament to the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in performance flooring. These floors seamlessly blend innovation and tradition, offering a dynamic surface that caters to the diverse demands of the performing arts and dance education. Whether gracing the stages of world-renowned ballet companies or supporting the dynamic movements of education within dance, Harlequin's sprung floors provide the foundation for excellence.
In addition to their unrivalled sprung floors, Harlequin's vinyl flooring range further expands their offerings. Boasting unique finishes suitable for a variety of dance genres, these vinyl floors are designed with versatility in mind. What sets Harlequin apart is the seamless integration of their vinyl floors with their sprung floor products, providing a comprehensive solution for performance spaces. This integration allows for a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, meeting the diverse needs of performers and education facilities alike.
Harlequin's impact extends beyond the stage, reaching into the educational realm. Recognising the significance of fostering talent at an early stage, Harlequin has established itself as a trusted partner for schools and educational institutions. Their commitment to creating safe yet dynamic spaces for budding performers aligns with their broader mission to contribute to the growth and development of the performing arts community.
The success of Harlequin is not only defined by the high-profile venues and companies that endorse their products but also by the countless performers who have experienced the transformative effect of dancing on Harlequin floors. As testimonies from artists around the world attest, Harlequin floors not only meet but exceed expectations, elevating the standard for performance flooring across genres.
As the preferred choice for some of the most prestigious names in the performing arts, Harlequin continues to innovate, setting new benchmarks in the industry. The company's commitment to excellence, coupled with a profound understanding of the unique demands of the performing arts, ensures that Harlequin remains at the forefront of the global stage.
In conclusion, Harlequin's journey from its humble beginnings in the UK to becoming the global leader in performance flooring is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the performing arts. As they continue to shape the future of performance flooring, Harlequin remains dedicated to providing a stage where artists can unleash their full potential, setting the foundation for outstanding performances around the world.