3i Studio Ltd: Managing Education Estates and Facilities is easier with good CAFM Software

CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software makes all the difference with running education estates and facilities; enabling you to manage your buildings, estates, and facilities amazingly, despite increases in demand and challenging budgets.

Supporting Large and Small Education Estates
3i Studio’s CAFM software is ideal for supporting large and small education estates with both day-to-day estates management and wider strategic planning, analysis and reporting. Cloud based, with friendly screen layouts, you, your team, and contractors, can securely manage your property from anywhere.

Single Sites or Multi Locations
Whether you manage a single site Primary School or a Multi-Academy Trust across numerous locations, the right software solution will save you time and money, help you do your job more easily and efficiently, as well as improve the environment for staff and students alike.

Scalable CAFM Modules
3i Studio’s software are supplied as modules, so whether you want to start small, or need additional functionality to meet your ever-increasing demands, simply chose the modules you want:

  • Asset Management
  • Risk Assessments
  • GIS Interface
  • Property Terrier
  • Mobile Working
  • Reactive Helpdesk
  • Planned Maintenance / PPM
  • Stock Condition Appraisal
  • Secure Online Access
  • Contractor Management

Over 25 Years Experience
Having worked closely with estates teams for over 25 years, supporting the running of large and small estates alike, 3i Studio are well placed to share their expertise on estates and facilities management software.

Makes PPM Straightforward
Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities often have buildings of different ages and construction, requiring regular surveys and inspections, and planned and preventative maintenance work to be carried out throughout the year.
Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tasks, as well as scheduled testing, can be managed simply and easily from within your CAFM solution; ensuring nothing is missed. You can clearly see what is coming up, (along with its cost’s), schedule in the work and plan well; pro-longing the life of your buildings and assets whilst preventing unplanned failures and unexpected costs arising.

Reactive Estates Helpdesk
Managing fault reporting and work requests can be complex, but a good CAFM solution can make this simple. Staff can log faults, and the real time updates enable you to monitor what is happening at every stage of works, including the costs of each job; even answering queries as they arise.

Simplified Reporting
With saved templates and the ability to add further reports as you need them, gone are the days where you spend frustrating hours finding the information you need for your reports. Run the reports you need at the touch of a button.

Information On-the-Go
With secure access to all your information and documentation you, your team and even your contractors, should be able to work from anywhere with one simple log-in.
Live updates and the ability to attach photos and documents to tasks mean you can see job progression in real time, and have the information available to make immediate decisions, as well as a useful record of what has been done.

Managing Your Compliance
Hand in hand with PPM is ensuring everything across your estate complies with relevant legislative requirements. Good CAFM includes a comprehensive Compliance Certificate Register; enabling you to view all your key compliance dates and documents for your estate’s assets in once place.  

Your software should also remind you when renewals are due; warning you ahead of time so you can budget and plan accordingly.

Make Informed Space Decisions
CAFM helps you keep track of which department is occupying which space, its’ area, the heated volume of each room, along with the overall usage figures, centrally and in real time.

With up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can release space for its best use, enabling space utilisation decisions to be made. It also makes your space reporting easy and fast.  

Use Your Existing Technology
Our software runs in real time on secure servers, enabling you and your team, or your contractors, to work out and about, with existing laptops, tablets or smartphones, without the cost of new technology.

Buy with Confidence
If you are Public Sector, you can purchase 3i Studio's modular Estates and Facilities Management cloud software and support simply and easily through the Digital Marketplace.

You have the reassurance that our software is already secure and compliant as well as best value. And as the costs are already agreed, you can buy from us without having to offer tenders out, or comb through lengthy RFIs or ITTs.

For Further Advice
If you are considering a new CAFM solution and would like further advice, do get in touch with 3i Studio Ltd. As CAFM experts, we will be delighted to help and can even provide an online demonstration or your own demo log-in for you to take a free test drive of our solutions.