Labour's private school plans 'a worrying proposition' says ISA

Labour private school plans 'a worry proposition' says ISA

Leaders of elite private schools have vented outrage over Labour’s plan to abolish them, branding the policy “incredulous” and an “act of unprecedented vandalism”.

At the Labour Party conference, members voted to integrate all private schools into the state sector should they win the next election.

Under the pledge, properties and funds held by private schools would be “redistributed democratically and fairly” across the country’s educational institutions as part of the reforms.


Private schools’ charitable status would also be scrapped. Universities would be forced to limit their intake of privately educated students to just seven per cent.

Headmaster Matthew Adshead, vice-chair of the Independent Schools Association (ISA), which represents 470 private schools, condemned Labour’s policy as a “worrying proposition”.

He said:  “For me it seems quite incredulous that in 2019 I’m discussing whether my private land will be seized and then redistributed.”

Mike Buchanan, executive director of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), warned it would be “an act of unprecedented vandalism”.

He said: “Any government has a duty of care to all its citizens and this would harm children in independent and state schools, harm families and harm freedom.

“It could cripple an already cash-strapped education system and cost rather than win Labour votes.”

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