New OCR GCSE will focus on cyber-security and programming

Students will be taught programming skills, which will include an individual coding project with a focus on solving a real world problem and could take the form of an app or a game.

Additionally, the course will cover online viruses and firewalls as well as online fraud and security issues.

Rob Leeman, subject specialist for computer science at OCR, said: “This specification builds on OCR’s pioneering qualification development in this subject area. We have consulted with companies such as Google, Microsoft and Cisco, as well as teachers and higher education academics and organisations like Computing At School (CAS) to ensure that the content is relevant.

“There is growing demand for digital skills worldwide. Whether students fancy themselves as the next cyber-spook, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, our new qualification will be the first exciting step towards any career that requires competence in computing.”