Glasgow schools advised to relax uniform rules

Glasgow Council’s Education Services has advised schools in the area to relax uniform rules and be sensitive to disadvantaged pupils whose families may struggle to afford it.

According to a report from the Scotsman, the new set of guidelines says that schools should not place ‘undue pressure on family budgets’ and that schools should design their uniform policies ‘with very minimum costs at the forefront of their minds’.

The rules read: “Poverty has the potential to affect all parts of the school day and that costs can put up barriers to children and young people enjoying and taking part at school.

“We want to ensure that school costs do not place undue pressure on family budgets, that all children are able to access opportunities and that potential for poverty-related stigma and difference is reduced.

“Schools should take account of the need for replacement items throughout the year and weather appropriate clothing. Families should be given an appropriate amount of time to purchase replacement items.”

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