Best practice guide for school catering launched

Meals provider apetito has launched a Guide to Best Practice in Schools Catering, against the backdrop of staff shortages and inflationary pressures continue to impact schools.

This free Guide has useful information and gives tips and guidance on how schools can navigate these turbulent times, whilst still delivering high quality, nutritious meals that pupils will enjoy.

The Guide examines the different catering options available to schools, enabling readers to consider which type of service is the best fit for their schools’ needs. Importantly, it shows schools how they can ensure the best mealtime experience for pupils that guarantees quality, minimises the impact of labour shortages and saves them money.

With up to 6% of children in the UK believed to be affected by allergies and with the introduction of Natasha’s Law, it’s vital that schools deliver free-from meals bespoke to children’ needs. In the Guide, apetito’s in house Dietitian Emily Stuart explains why it’s so important schools effectively manage allergens.

Readers will be able to learn how Leicester Preparatory School managed to save thousands of pounds on its previous meals service and how Our Lady’s Preparatory School has implemented a meals service that has driven efficiencies all round, whilst providing pupils with higher quality, nutritious meals.

The Guide also explains how schools can join in the race to Net Zero, demonstrating how making small changes to mealtimes can have a big impact when it comes to a schools’ carbon footprint. It also gives helpful support and advice on where to start, and how to set out targets before making commitments that are realistic and workable.

This Guide to best practice in school catering is designed to help schools during an unpreceded period of turmoil explains apetito’s Rupert Weber, Head of Education:
“We know with current inflationary pressures and labour shortages, Headteachers and Bursars are having to deal with huge challenges in delivering quality catering that is reliable and affordable.

“In this Guide, we’re sharing our knowledge and expertise gathered from serving thousands of children a day across hundreds of education settings to help schools deliver high-quality, nutritious meals that ensure happy children and parents, stress-free catering and value for money.

“We know that one size never fits all, but with this Guide we hope to inspire schools to consider new approaches to ensure safe, stress-free, and cost-effective mealtimes that deliver an enhanced experience for pupils and schools alike.”

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