60 minutes of daily physical activity promoted

New government plans will see school-aged children given greater opportunity to access 60 minutes of daily sport and physical activity.

Outlined by Education Secretary Damian Hinds, Sport Minister Mims Davies and Minister for Public Health, Seema Kennedy, the School Sport and Activity Action Plan sets out a range of new measures to strengthen the role of sport within a young person’s daily routine, explaining how teachers and parents can play their part, and promoting a joined-up approach to physical activity and mental well-being.

A third of children are currently doing fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a day, so the new plan aims to double that for school children, whether that be in school, after school or during weekends and holidays. As part of this, the government has committed to launch a series of regional pilots to trial innovative approaches to getting more young people active, particularly less active groups such as girls and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Schools and sports clubs will also begin to share facilities more, with a stricter onus on ensuring boys and girls have an equal and coordinated offer of sport, competition and activity, including modern PE lessons and access to high-quality clubs and competitions after school and during weekends and holidays.

Hinds said: “As a parent I want my children to be happy and healthy. As Education Secretary, I want young people to leave school prepared for adult life. Sport can help with both – it not only keeps pupils fit and healthy but helps them grow in confidence and learn vital skills, such as teamwork and recovering from life’s inevitable setbacks.

“My ambition is for every pupil to have the chance to find a sport they love, setting them up to lead healthy, active lives and equipping them with the skills to reach their full potential, both inside and outside the classroom.”

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