Government urges universities to hold places until appeals resolved

The Universities Minister has written to all university Vice-Chancellors asking them to hold places for students appealing their A level results.

The Universities Minister has asked institutions to hold places for students appealing their grades until they receive the outcome of the appeal. The Minister has also said universities should take into account a range of evidence when admitting students to courses.

Michelle Donelan has made clear that the exam boards are committed to doing all that is possible to resolve appeals for affected candidates by 7 September – the deadline for applicants to meet academic offer conditions.

In the letter, the Universities Minister has also confirmed that the Government will exempt certain students who successfully go through the appeals process from counting towards student number controls held by individual institutions.

This exemption will apply to those whose grades are successfully appealed, increased to meet the conditions of a university offer, and their place confirmed because of this, ensuring they are able to move onto their chosen route.

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan said: "Nobody should have to put their future on hold because of this virus. That is why I am urging universities to be as flexible as possible in their admissions and to hold places for those whose grades are being appealed.

"Our ambition for students this year is no different to any other year and it is in everybody’s interest to see them progress."

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