School’s should teach of our Christian country, Morgan says

School’s are free to prioritise religious teachings over atheism and humanism and should teach that the UK is a principally Christian country, according to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

New guidelines were released by Morgan following the High Court ruling that found there had been a ‘breach of duty’ in omitting humanism from the new religious studies GCSE.

Ministers have dropped plans to take the issue to the Court of Appeal, but the new guidelines stress that non-religious beliefs need not be given ‘equal parity’ with religious beliefs. Schools have been told that, while the teachings and practices of other prominent religions should be taken into account, non-faith schools should reflect the UK is a mainly Christian country.

Morgan said: "This government is determined to protect schools' freedom to set their own religious studies curriculum, in line with the wishes of parents and the local community.

"The guidance I have issued makes absolutely clear that the recent judicial review will have no impact on what is currently being taught in religious education.

"I am clear that both faith and non-faith schools are completely entitled to prioritise the teaching of religion and faith over non-religious world views if they wish."

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