New event: indoor air quality in schools

Improving the air quality inside schools is one of the main measures the government is recommending schools do to reduce the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak.

But Covid-19 aside, there are numerous other health benefits to having good quality inside air in schools, especially for children who are more at risk from harmful pollutants.

This free event from Education Business magazine takes place on 12th May online, and will share expert advice and good practice to help education settings understand air quality requirements - and put them into practice to create healthy indoor environments.

The event is hosted by wellbeing technology expert Francesca Brady, and will include talks from Nathan Wood, chairman of BESA's Wellbeing in Buildings group, and Douglas Booker, CEO of National Air Quality Testing Services.

There will also be a presentation on the selection, installation and maintenance of air cleaning / ventilation technology by Ana Cross, FETA member & product manager, and an overview on solutions provided by event sponsor, PHS Group.

The live Q&A session will enable viewers to get their questions answered from keynote speakers and technology suppliers.

Sign up for this free event here to improve the air quality inside your school.