Ray Barker, recently retired director of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), provides EB with some insight into what changes to Pupil Premium funding and a revised Early Years Foundation Stage framework changes mean to the sector.

Fundraising policy will be pushed to the top of the agenda as cash strapped schools look at alternative ways of raising finance. Kathy Roddy outlines what to look for when developing an ethical fundraising policy.

Financial pressures are growing on local authority maintained schools and the need to reduce costs is becoming greater. At the same time, the capacity of local authorities to monitor and support financial management in schools is itself under pressure.

School business director Kerry Brimfield gives her views on the new School Financial Values Standard (SFVS) and why she thinks it will help school business managers and governors in the financial management of their schools


By RIO Schools Service Lead Consultant Jonathan Clitheroe
It’s a challenging time for schools right now. Funding cuts, policy shifts and an emphasis on value are driving change in the sector and the need for schools to function effectively as businesses is more apparent than ever.

Ray Barker, director of the British Educational Suppliers Association, analyses their recent research into the budget cuts and the effect on investment in new technologies

Accurate costing is a key management tool for making informed decisions, says Kerry Ace, finance and policy manager at the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy