From gadgets that convert fidgeting energy into electricity to kites attached to generators, the Climate Week Challenge saw many unique and though-provoking ideas to tackle climate change from pupils around the country

What do you do when you’re handed the key to your shiny, new building but then you realise it suffers from all sorts of operational shortcomings? Cue the Soft Landings approach

Increasingly schools are using biometric technology for a range of activities such as registering pupil attendance, managing library book loans and cashless catering

The School Food Trust’s Audits and Inspections toolkit helps schools demonstrate compliance with school food standards, and there are multiple benefits to having the evidence at hand, says Claire Wall, Senior Nutritionist at the School Food Trust

James Sherwood-Rogers, chair of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, discusses the threat of flooding and how schools can use risk management to make sure they are prepared