Less than 50 per cent of teachers believe the government’s pupil premium policy has had a positive impact on the disadvantaged pupils it was designed to help, a YouGov poll has found.

The government has published plans containing guidelines about how the 2,000 Madrassas in England will be regulated and inspected.

The majority of parents believe Ofsted inspections of schools should be more frequent, according to a recent poll.

Universities have warned that reforms to teacher training courses could see high quality teacher trainees turned away as national limits are reached.

Chancellor George Osborne’s assurance that the education budget would be protected was confirmed in the Spending Review, while he announced schools funding would increase by £10 billion.

Ofsted officials have admitted schools with higher-ability intakes find it easier to gain ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ ranks, TES has reported.

Plans to rectify funding differences in spending across England are expected to be outlined in the upcoming Spending Review.