National Fitness Day unveiled to get schools more active

As a leading not-for profit health body, ukactive works closely with the education sector to help promote the benefits of being physically active in schools. As part of the day, primary schools from up and down the country will be asked to pledge to taking part in the day by running activities designed to get pupils more active.

Last year’s National Fitness Day saw approximately 2,000 venues take part, outreaching to 27 million people. This year, each school taking part will receive a tailored toolkit of information to help them put on whole day of activities across a number of areas of the curriculum which will be disseminated to schools by a range of ukactive partners.

ukactive Chair, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson said: “Getting children involved in physical activity is absolutely crucial if we’re going create a lasting impact on the health of our nation and having a more active Britain. That is why we’re working with schools across the country to help them deliver programme of activities that will not only make September 9th the most active day in the year, but also lead more children to having a positive relationship with physical activity.”

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