Regional Schools Commissioner says more information will be shared from head teacher board meetings

Currently, only final decisions made by the board for individual applications are made publicly available. In an interview with the Eastern Daily Press, Coulson said: “We plan in the autumn to increase the amount we put in head teacher board minutes.

“The reason we have been cautious is we have been very mindful of schools applying for something we don’t approve. On the one hand, I think there’s a public argument to see why things might be turned down.

“What we don’t want to do is to give is disincentive to schools to come forward with ideas and then to be publicly exposed as to why they were turned down. Although I can see a public interest in those reasons being seen, we think at the moment it might be a disincentive.”

He added: “We have been feeling our way with trying to get that right. Now, I think our conclusion is that we want to increase the amount we share. I suspect from your view asking for information, you may feel we’re still not going quite far enough, but I think we are going to inch towards offering more information, and I expect in the next year you will push for a bit more, and I’m very happy we’re pushed.”

The Department for Education (DfE) took the decision to publish minutes of head teacher board meetings in January 2015, following criticism that RSCs were unaccountable. The process is currently under review, but the DfE has not yet released any further details.

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