New advert aims to address teacher shortage

The advert opens with the question ‘What does a good teacher make these days?’, and then answers with a selection of teachers speaking about the difference teachers can make the lives and education of their pupils.

It ends with a different take on the question, explaining that teachers make ‘probably more than you think’, before listing the financial benefits of teaching, including £22k to £27k starting salary, up to £30k tax-free to train and up to £65k salary for a ‘great teacher’.

Education secretary Nicky Morgan said: “Great teachers are at the heart of our drive to extend opportunity to every single child. That is why we are focused on attracting more talented people into the profession, to inspire young people, open doors to their future and help prepare them for life in modern Britain.

"Our teacher recruitment campaign, Your Future: Their Future, will play a key role in attracting a new generation of passionate and gifted teachers, including even more top graduates who will help our children reach their full potential.”