Average teacher pay increases, DfE data shows

The average full-time equivalent salary for teachers in state-funded schools was £40,537 in 2019 – up from £39,500 the previous year, according to DfE workforce data.

However the average salaries are higher for male teachers; male classroom teachers earn on average £37,885, compared with £36,985 for their female peers.

The gap widens at headteacher level: female headteachers earn an average of £68,870, while their male equivalents earn 12 per cent more at £77,362.

Average salaries vary by type of school: The average salary of a nursery and primary classroom teacher was £35,673; while the average salary of a secondary classroom teacher was £38,674. The average salary of a special school classroom teacher was £37,638.

Average salaries for classroom and other leadership teachers are higher on average in LA maintained schools than academies. The average salary for headteachers is however, higher in academies than in LA maintained schools.

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