Rising number of parents appealing over school placements

According to Department for Education (DfE) data, of the 54,600 cases that were lodged, 23 per cent were successful.

Due to a rising birth rate, numerous towns and cities throughout England are facing tight circumstances in regard to spaces.

The latest government statistics reveal that there was a greater number of appeals concerned with places at state primaries than state secondaries.

Although not all appeals were heard, the number of appeals taken further have increased from 36,967 last year to 40,014 this year. Of the 36,967 heard, 9,000 were decided in favour of the appeal.

Despite a rising demand for school places, a spokesperson for the DfE said: “The fact that the proportion of appeals heard and upheld remains stable in the face of rising demand for school places show the admissions system is working well.”

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