Free Schools drive social justice, says Morgan

The government has committed to opening 500 more free schools in this parliament, equating to 270,000 additional school places in communities across the country. The new schools, on top of the 254 already opened, will meet the growing demand of parents for more excellent local schools with high standards and strong discipline.

Morgan described free schools as ‘modern engines of social justice’ that help to ‘break the cycle of disadvantage’. These brand new schools are set up by parents, teachers, charities, academy sponsors and existing schools in response to demand from the local community, either where there is a shortage of places, or where the parents are not happy with the places on offer. So far the programme has resulted in 254 new schools, providing 125,000 places.

Morgan said: “Free schools are at the heart of the government’s commitment to deliver real social justice by ensuring all pupils have access to a world class education. This is at the core of our commitment to govern as one nation - creating a country where everyone, regardless of their background, can achieve their high aspirations.

“Parents want the best for their kids, and where they are unhappy with the schools on offer locally the free school programme empowers them to demand more and establish new, high performing, community-led new schools.”

The government’s new plans for education include introducing new powers to tackle failing schools and improve those that are coasting. Two new measures that will give heads the ability to make an immediate start on improving underperforming schools are expected to be confirmed in the Queen’s Speech next week.

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