Over a third of teachers ban electronic devices in the classroom

Over a third of UK teachers ban electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops in the classroom, according to a new survey.

The online survey of 684 UK teachers, carried out by edtech company Canvas, found that 32 per cent ban electronic devices, with 62 per cent citing them as a ‘distraction’ to learning.

However, 74 per cent of respondents in the same survey agreed that technology can make their job easier when integrated effectively, with 85 per cent believing technology has made education more efficient. Additionally, 41 per cent reported that classroom technology saves them more than three hours a week.

The survey results suggest that concerns around technology distracting students are limiting teachers ability to take full advantage, despite the majority of teachers understanding the benefits it can bring to learning.

Samantha Blyth, director of schools at Canvas, said: “The key to unlocking the potential will be to find ways to integrate personal devices into learning in a controlled way.”

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