Scotland to set limits on meat consumption in schools

Scotland will be setting maximum limits for consumption of red processed meat over the course of the school week, which will also reduce exposure to harmful nitrites.

The move is part of a new initiative to make school food healthier which includes increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables served and significantly reducing the amount of sugar available throughout the school day.

School food regulations will be amended to ensure a minimum of two full portions of vegetables and a full portion of fruit are offered as part of a school lunch, with full portions of fruit and or vegetables also available in, for example, tuck shops.

There will be a maximum amount of red and processed red meat provision - such as bacon, ham and pepperoni - in school lunches to help reduce exposure to nitrites.

Fruit juice and smoothies will be removed from primary and secondary schools to help reduce sugar intake.

The measures follow consultation and advice from a working group comprising health, nutrition and education experts.

The regulations will come into effect by autumn 2020 to allow councils time to plan their menus and supply chains.

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