Schools' attitudes to tablets changing, report finds

BESA's annual 'Tablets and Connectivity' survey of 636 UK schools (334 primary, 302 secondary), which was carried out in May, reveals that teachers predict that in two years time tablets will make up 37 per cent of classroom computers, and that in 2020 they will make up 56 per cent. This represents a significant increase on last year's prediction of tablets comprising 27 per cent of school hardware in 2015.

Financial resources were highlighted as a potential barrier to tablet adoption – 90 per cent of the schools surveyed said funding and budget allocations restricted tablet use. Wi-Fi connections, training and the security and management of the technology were also considered barriers to tablet uptake.

Caroline Wright, director, BESA said: “It is heartening that schools continue to invest in this mobile technology to put the power of learning back into students’ hands. However schools must continue to collaborate and share best practice use of tablets and apps if the technology’s adoption is to continue to contribute positively to educational standards.”