Welsh government fund for out of school clubs

The Welsh Government has launched a Access to Childcare Fund for out-of-school childcare for low income families.

The out of school clubs will help tackle the social isolation experienced by some children during the school holiday that can have a negative impact on attainment, learning and wellbeing.

Taking part in holiday clubs and programmes can promote positive outcomes for children, as well as addressing issues like food insecurity.

Ms Campbell said: “The evidence shows that providing accessible and affordable out-of-school child care can help low income families maximise their household incomes. Importantly, it can also deliver positive outcomes for children, providing opportunities for play and socialisation which is great for their wellbeing.

“Child poverty levels are lower in Scotland than the rest of the UK - but we believe it is unacceptable it exists at all. This fund is part of the Scottish Government’s bold vision for eradicating child poverty in Scotland.

“Our efforts stretch right across government to support the families that need it the most – and these efforts are already making a real difference to thousands of families.”

The Scottish Government will publish a draft framework on Out-of-School Care for consultation at the end of the summer.

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