Swimming provision ‘unacceptable’ says former Olympian Steve Parry

Swimming provision ‘unacceptable’ says former Olympian Steve Parry

One in 20 schools fails to meet curriculum swimming requirements, according to the latest report from Swim England, which recommends a major overhaul of how swimming is taught.

The study suggests that only a third of schools are providing effective lessons that reach all national curriculum standards.

Former Olympian and chair of the Curriculum Swimming and Water Safety Review Group Steve Parry said:

“The inclusion of swimming within the national curriculum means there is no excuse why any child in this country should not be able to swim. Even those children who are unable to go swimming with their families have the opportunity to learn how to swim.”

Parry continued: “Except the data over the last five years suggests otherwise. The number of our young children at primary school who can swim remains around the 50 per cent mark. This is unacceptable.”

Children’s Minister Robert Goodwill stated: “We will continue to work closely with Swim England and the Swim Group to review the recommendations”

Among the recommendations is the requirement for the Government to support a new national Top-up Swimming programme; the national roll-out of a new Curriculum Swimming and Water Safety Resource Pack to all primary schools, and; the funding of specific training for school teachers and teaching staff who deliver swimming lessons.

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