DfE seeks research to revise and improve teacher training

The Department for Education has launched a call for evidence seeking evidence that will help it improve the initial teacher training (ITT) Core Content Framework (CCF) and early career frameworks (ECF).

The DfE says that both the CCF and ECF were based on the most up-to-date research into excellent teaching practice and the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) independently reviewed the frameworks.

But the DfE says that "evidence does not stand still", and when it launched the CCF and ECF, it committed to updating the frameworks as research progresses.

The DfE continues: "Building on what we have learned from the first few years of CCF implementation and ECF delivery, we plan to review and revise the ITT CCF and ECF into more closely combined frameworks which cover the first three years or more at the start of a teacher’s career and articulate what trainee and new teachers need to know and need to know how to do. We are therefore seeking recent, relevant and high-quality research that may inform amendments to the existing frameworks."

The call for evidence is aimed at academic researchers, pedagogy and education experts, universities and charities.

The call for evidence closes on April 21 and next steps will then be outlined.

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