Supreme Court to allow final challenge over term time holiday ruling

The legal battle between Isle of White Council and a father who was fined for taking his child out of school during term time will be decided in the Supreme Court.

Jon Platt was issued a fine of £120 by the Council for taking his daughter on a holiday to Florida during term time.

Platt refused to pay the fine and took the case to the Magistrates Court, which ruled in his favour on the basis that she had a good attendance record for the rest of the year.

Following the decision, the Council took the case to the High Court, which again ruled in favour of Platt.

The series of events led to high profile media coverage and Schools Minister Nick Gibb requested that the Council make an application to the Supreme Court for permission to launch a final legal challenge.

Papers have now been submitted to the Supreme Court, and three judges have decided a hearing should go ahead, which is expected to take place in January 2017.

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