Free guide to help schools counter cyber attack

Maxxia has created a free guide helping schools to develop strategies to counter cyber-attack.

With the frequency of cyber-attacks ever on the increase and the sophistication of them evolving, schools and colleges need to follow industry's lead in doing more to protect their systems from being breached.

Catherine Dawson, Maxxia Group Marketing Director said: “In the academic world, it is not unusual to find old systems and software in use, or system users like students and parents that aren’t subject to training regimes and policy compliance. In addition, these users might be using their own devices to access systems or manipulate data when they haven’t even been vetted.

“Whilst the potential rewards in targeting schools are lower for cyber-criminals, the damage those with malicious intent could cause in terms of denial of access or data compromise, could have significant ramifications.     

“And system attacks could come from within. Whilst a school in suburbia might not expect to be targeted by international hackers, it might find its own students being the cause of mischief.”  

As a funder of IT equipment for schools, Maxxia works with numerous schools, colleges and universities and has an appreciation of the day to day challenges those tasked with security and compliance face.

The guide can be downloaded without the need for form filling here.

From phishing to ransomware, or bots to attacker psychology, the guide provides awareness of the risks and gives practical advice on steps that can be taken to be and stay secure.

Catherine Dawson adds “It’s Cyber-Security Month around the EU and our guide will help those that want to revisit and re-evaluate their policies and processes.

“We appreciate that the nuances of IT equipment specification, equipment funding and the development of robust IT policies are perhaps not the highest priorities for schools, or that other staff member skills and experiences would have greater value in achieving educational outcomes. But, ignoring the risks, or hoping nothing happens, is not a satisfactory policy and that is why Maxxia is sharing its knowledge and advice in addition to providing equipment and finance.”