New vision for education in Cardiff is launched

A new vision for education and learning in Cardiff has been launched, aiming to continue the successes of the Cardiff 2020 launch.

Five years on from that publication, Cardiff 2030 - A ten year vision for a Capital City of Learning & Opportunity will aim to continue these improvements with a broader scope and greater ambition for learning in Cardiff for the future, embracing learning beyond formal statutory schooling. It also puts the welfare of children at the heart of the city, recognising that the outcomes for children are also shaped outside of school.

The vision sets out an ambitious vision, underpinned by two themes: a shared responsibility for education and learning across the city; and meaningful participation of children and young people. This is alongside five goals and priority commitments: a learning entitlement; learners' health and well-being; realising the Curriculum for Wales 2022 in Cardiff; a world class education workforce; and high quality learning environments.

A spokesperson for Cardiff Council said: "Cardiff 2030has been developed to both build on the significant progress made since the launch of Cardiff 2020, and to articulate ambitions for the next phase of change. Many aspects of the education system in 2030 will look very different, and significant innovation is needed to ensure that education in Cardiff serves all of our learners and responds to societal, economic and technological change.

"Education in Cardiff is at the forefront of priorities for the city and contributes to driving forward Cardiff's economy and making the city a great place in which to live, work, study and visit. There has been a continued focus on improving and investing in education and helping young people, particularly those from disadvantaged and deprived communities, into employment, education or training. Delivering for every child from every walk of life is hugely important, and Cardiff 2030 supports Cardiff's commitment to becoming aChild Friendly City, which puts young people at the heart of decision making and which respects the voices, needs and rights of all children and young people."

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