Parents divided over grammar schools, survey suggests

Parents are deeply divided over the government's proposals to bring back grammar schools, according to a new survey conducted by Mumsnet.

The survey of more than 1,000 parents found that 37 per cent supported a return to selection, while 40 per cent were against the government’s proposed plans and 23 per cent didn’t know what to think.

The plans to lift the ban on opening new grammar schools have drawn strong criticism since they were announced by Prime Minister Theresa May, with a number of MPs in her own party voicing opposition, including former Education Secretaries Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan, as well as former long term Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke and Education Select Committee chair Neil Carmichael.

The results of this survey seem to suggest that grammar schools may be just as divisive among parents as they appear to be among MPs in the House of Commons.

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